Campus Police

The Columbia College Police Department ensures the safety and security of the Columbia College campus and surrounding community. It assists other federal, state, county and local law enforcement, and other agencies as required and appropriate.

Columbia College Police provide fair and equitable treatment to all persons regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or religion, and enforce federal, state and local laws with impartiality and integrity.

Emergency Number |  803.786.3333

Non-Emergency Number |  803.786.3343

I love working at Columbia College. The safety and security of our campus is my top-priority and providing excellent customer service is my focus. We are situated in a great community, and we have a beautiful campus. —Windell Harris, Director of Public Safety

The Columbia College Police Department consists of police officers trained through the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy. They have full arrest and law enforcement powers and carry handguns. Campus police patrol the campus and answer calls on a 24-hour, 365-day-a-year basis, both in vehicles and on foot. Police Officers also maintain a presence at home athletic contests, even when contests take place on our fields located off-campus.    

Safety Resources

Courtesy Services 

Courtesy Services, a division of the Columbia College Police Department, provides transportation for less than three students, upon request, from parking areas to residence halls and from residence halls to parking areas during the evening hours from 5 p.m. until 7 a.m. To request transportation, call extension 803.786.3333.

Please note that the Police Department does not normally transport students between halls or to any other campus location. However, if the courtesy officers are unusually busy, a police officer can provide transportation. If an emergency arises or a patrol car is called for a safety matter, transportation may be delayed until the police officer resumes his or her normal duties.

Courtesy officers assist the police officers with locking and unlocking buildings, classrooms, and residence hall rooms. They are not sworn police officers, do not carry a gun, and have no arrest or enforcement power. 

Call Boxes 

Emergency radios are permanently located in call boxes in parking lots, as well as the Police Contact Point adjacent to Hudson Hall.
Students may use these radios for immediate contact with Campus Police in case of emergency or to request transportation.
After making a call, park your car and lock your doors. When a courtesy officer or patrol vehicle arrives, flash your lights to identify your car.

Campus Safety Reports